My Zumba Gold Passion

My Zumba Gold Passion


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Zumba Gold® is a variation of the original Zumba Fitness party, that is specially designed to cater to the needs of Zumba beginners of all ages, active older adults, and those just starting on or returning to their fitness journey. Zumba Gold® is also for people who are new to working out, or who suffer from physical impairment. Unlike regular Zumba classes, Zumba Gold® moves at a slightly slower and lower impact pace. This dancing exercise is associated with many health benefits!
I became a licensed Zumba Fitness instructor mostly because I wanted to teach Zumba Gold!
I always knew that my heart was in teaching that particular format, and I was fortunate enough to get my Gold training only a month after I became licensed in Zumba Fitness... I've been teaching it ever since.
I LOVE what Zumba Gold stands for... that it makes what I think is absolutely the most fun way to get/stay fit and healthy accessible to absolutely EVERYONE. Whether you have not been active lately (or ever), whether you are a Baby Boomer like me (or even more "mature"), whether you are pregnant, recovering from an injury or surgery or if you just prefer low-impact dancing, then Zumba Gold and my classes are here for YOU! I promise to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step and to lead the way to your better health!

Some Specific Benefits of Zumba Gold

But, besides just being fun and easy, Zumba Gold actually has some REAL health benefits, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Here are a few...
Zumba Gold® Benefit #1 – Healthy Heart
You can maintain a healthy heart with Zumba Gold®. Zumba is an excellent cardio exercise and the dance moves get your heart rate elevated. The movement also promotes efficient blood flow throughout the body. These benefits work together to help you avoid cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and heart attack.
Zumba Gold® Benefit #2 – Weight Management
Zumba Gold® is a cardio exercise which aims at burning calories! With the help of Zumba Gold®, you can burn calories and lose weight. There are so many weight loss success stories through Zumba. I am one of them. Yes! You can be healthy and fit again too.
Zumba Gold® Benefit #3 - Improved Mobility
Zumba Gold® aids in making the body more flexible and also increases endurance. With the help of Zumba Gold®, an individual can improve posture, coordination and balance. Practicing Zumba on a regular basis would help you feel more energized and you will not feel as much pain in your joints when you carry out daily activities.
Zumba Gold® Benefit #4 – Stronger Bones and Muscles
Zumba Gold® is an excellent way to strengthen the bones and muscles. Zumba dancing engages a number of muscles which helps in increasing overall muscle strength and endurance. Another benefit of this exciting exercise is that it helps in increasing bone density, which protects us from osteoporosis. Stronger muscles also aid in balance and that can help prevent falls!
Zumba Gold® Benefit #5 – Improved Cognitive Function
As a person ages, the ability to concentrate and pay attention can lessen. You can fight this problem by getting involved in exercises such as Zumba Gold®. Scientists believe that movement and exercising improves the flow of oxygen rich blood which leads to improved cognitive functions.
Zumba Gold® Benefit #6 – Relief from Stress
People who have not been very active in the past often suffer from depression and stress, especially if they have spent most of their time indoors. The movements involved in Zumba help in boosting your natural antidepressants in your body... and that helps in eliminating stress and reducing depression.
Zumba Gold® Benefit #7 – Social Connections
When you attend a Zumba Gold class, you have an opportunity to meet many new people and to interact with them in fun and meaningful ways. Zumba is designed to be a fun-filled and exciting activity and it is an excellent place for you and your new and old friends to get together and party!
Add in Some Strength Training...
It is highly recommended for women and/or older adults to incorporate some lightweight strength training into their workout mix. Strengh training will help greatly with all of the benefits above, especially with building stronger bones and muscles. But did you know that strength training can help you lose weight too? (If, like 2/3 of our population in the U.S., including me!, weight is a concern for you, then listen up...) Zumba Gold-Toning ® is a wonderful way to add strength training to your workouts! Using lightweight dumbbell-shaped "toning sticks" that sound like maraccas, we dance our way to stronger, more toned and flexible muscles throughout our bodies!
In Summary...
Zumba Gold® is the complete package when it comes to exercise! It offers both physiological and psychological benefits. Zumba® Gold is specifically designed for the adults looking to increase their activity in an inviting, safe and fun environment. Adults of any fitness level or age can start Zumba® Gold right away! Instead of spending time at home, why not get involved in healthy and productive mind-body exercises such as Zumba Gold®?!

Zumba Gold Is NOT Just for Older Adults!

Did you know that Zumba Gold can be the perfect choice for lots of people? That's right... People with limited mobility might enjoy a...
Seated Zumba Gold
Zumba Gold is also perfect for...
Zumba Gold Is for Everyone!
And did you realize that we can even do light strength training in Zumba Gold? That's right...
Zumba Gold-Toning

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